Multilingual translation service


Our natives are in charge of translation. From general documents to specialized ones
We will translate flexibly.

Interpreter dispatch period

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Translation introduction example

Translation level

Translation level There are 3 levels, general, specialized, and advanced, depending on the content of the translation and the difficulty of writing the text.

General level

Plaintext, which is mainly for daily conversation such as e-mails and letters, and business documents with low expertise, etc., which have a small volume of text.

Professional level

Manuals, specifications, technical materials, manuals, etc. There is also a certain amount of text volume.

Altitude level

Highly creative sentences that include other copywriting elements and are highly difficult.

Translation level

In addition to discount plans such as repeater discounts and advance discount plans when there is time to deliver, we also offer various plans such as express plans when you are in a hurry.

standard plan

Express plan

This is a limited express service when delivery is in a hurry.

Advance plan

Order with standard plan + 60 days delivery If you receive it.


For customers who use our company for the first time, we will offer a cheap service only for the first time as a trial.


This is a discount system that applies to customers who repeatedly use this service.

Translation price list

Translation level
Japanese → English
English → Japanese
9 yen / character
10.5 yen / character
11 yen / character
13 yen / character
13 yen / character
15 yen / character
Plan fee
Japanese → English
English → Japanese
9 yen / character
10.5 yen / character
11 yen / character
13 yen / character

All tax-excluded charges

Supports 14 languages

Trial 10% discount

5% discount on repeat discount

Advance plan 15% discount

Minimum charge

Standard 4,000 yen, Express 6,000 yen

* This fee is applied when the actual cost is less than the specified fee. For example, if the actual cost of the standard is less than 4,000 yen, the charge will be 4,000 yen, and in principle, the actual cost will be charged for the start.

Cancellation department

You will be billed for the start at the actual cost. Minimum charge is applied

About defect correspondence

We will correct the contents free of charge for 14 days after delivery.

Translation flow

Inquiries by e-mail form etc.

We will hear about company information, informal candidate information, work schedule work, etc. We will give you a quote based on the content of your consultation.

Meeting on the Web

If you can place an order based on the quotation, we will conclude a contract.

Sample confirmation

Check the translation sample.

Price (plan) decision

The plan will be decided based on the delivery date and the difficulty of the content.

Conclude a non-disclosure agreement

Since there are many materials such as confidential information, we will conclude a non-disclosure agreement in principle.

Receive translation materials

If the process goes smoothly, we will conclude an order contract in about 3 days from the online meeting and start the translation work.

Calibration / confirmation

In the case of standard plan and general level, the first school will come out 3 to 4 days after the start of translation work, so please check. Basically, calibration is done once. If there are any corrections or changes, please check after the corrections.


If there is no problem after calibration, we will deliver it. After delivery, we will issue an invoice, so please pay to your bank account on the specified date.

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