Visa application support

Obtaining a work visa is essential for foreigners working in Japan. However, the work visa application flow has many documents and procedures to prepare, which can seem complicated. The visa acquisition agency service solves such problems.

Features of visa acquisition service

Apply at the fastest speed for immediate action
Interacting with foreign staff on your behalf
With full performance reward Reliable rate system
We can handle a large number of applications

Introduction flow

Once we have decided to hire foreign staff, we will apply as soon as possible so that we can start working on site as soon as possible.

It takes a minimum of 5 days (10 days on average) from application to completion. Please be assured that the person in charge will collect the documents directly with the foreign staff.

Free consultation / quotation

We will hear about company information, informal candidate information, work schedule work, etc. We will give you a quote based on the content of your consultation.


If you can place an order based on the quotation, we will conclude a contract.

Collection of required documents / preparation of application documents

We will collect the necessary documents and proceed with the preparation of the documents.

Application to the Immigration Bureau

Based on the contents of the contract, our affiliated administrative scrivener will handle the application for residence at the Immigration Bureau. If you only want to create documents, we will give you the documents. We will notify you as soon as the certification certificate arrives from the Immigration Bureau.

Documents required for application

Required documents vary depending on the status of residence and the size of the company.

For example, in the case of application for residence certification, the following documents are required. Please be assured that we will also handle the explanation and collection of documents to foreign staff.

Documents required by the company

Documents required by the company

Documents required by the company

Documents required for application

We also accept visa-related consultations such as application for issuance of status of residence certificate, application for permission to obtain status of residence, application for permission to change various status of residence, and application for permission to renew the period of stay. If you need to apply on your behalf, you can do so at our affiliated administrative scrivener.

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