Registered Support Organization

What is a Registered Support Organization?

A Registered Support Organization is an organization that provides full support based on the support plan for foreign nationals with Specified Skills Worker (No.1), based on a support consignment contract with the accepting organization. In the case of outsourcing part of the support, the scope of the outsourcing must be clearly stated in the support plan for foreign nationals with designated skills.

The organization that will receive the foreign national with designated skills must prepare and support a plan for providing support in terms of work, daily life, and social life to enable the foreign national with designated skills (designated organization) to stably and smoothly engage in activities based on the “designated skills” status of residence (designated organization). The registered support organization must prepare and support a plan for the implementation of support in daily life and social life. This is an organization that can provide “support” and “assistance in the preparation of a support plan” for a foreign national with a No. 1 Specified Skills Worker on commission from the organization to which the foreign national belongs.

Total produce

We, PrimeArc has partnered with local universities and Japanese language institutions to provide Japanese language education to specialized personnel in Asian countries. We also provide scholarships and incentives for the students and the universities where the courses are offered, and produce a total service that leads to employment with a high level of corporate understanding and loyalty.

Top universities in each country

Early selection and training of highly-skilled human resources

Supporting companies in Japan

Online Japanese language education

We are expanding online Japanese language education all over the world without being restricted by location, time, etc.

Solving social problems

Challenges in Japan

Working population, a sharp decline in youth

Challenges for South Asian / ASEAN countries

Securing employment for young people, Acceptance of technology and funds from developed countries

Issues of domestic companies

Stable securing of excellent labor force

Contributing to solving corporate issues through solving social problems. Also, realizing CSR + adoption at the same time

Strengths / features

Features of PrimeArc, a school management and foreign recruitment support company

Locally provide education to specialized human resources on the premise of finding employment in Japan

Excellent human resources can be secured at an early stage * For new graduates

Stable recruitment of highly skilled person

Develop human resources with high royalties and capable of working in the medium to long term

How to hire foreigners with Specified Skills Worker visa

【Domestic recruitment】Changing from Student or Technical Intern Trainee visa

International students who are expected to graduate and have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4 or higher can change their visa status to a specified skills visa by passing the JLPT for their industry. It is also possible to switch visas for technical intern trainees who plan to complete Technical Intern Trainee 2 or 3 in Japan.

【Overseas recruitment】
Former Technical Intern Trainee / Those who passed SSW test overseas

It is possible to hire excellent human resources who have completed technical intern training No. 2 from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, China, the Philippines, and Cambodia and have returned to Japan. It is also possible to hire test passers from countries that have conducted Specified Skills Worker tests such as Indonesia.

List of compulsory support

When hiring foreigners with Specified Skills Worker, the host company is obliged to mainly perform the above support services.
In addition, some support such as life orientation and regular interviews must be provided in a language (native language) that foreigners can understand. In that case, we will support you, so please feel free to leave it to us.

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