Life support

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Please leave all the support for foreign residents!
Multilingual life support
~ I was in trouble at midnight! Also supports ~

Prime Ark Co., Ltd. eliminates the anxiety of residents and provides the owners and real estate management companies with peace of mind and trust. We will help create a society where foreigners can feel “I’m glad I came to Japan!”.

Domestic recruitment International student / technical intern trainee visa switching

“I want to cancel, what should I do?”
“I’m going back to Japan for a while, but what should I do when I’m away …”
“I don’t know how to start electricity, gas, and water.”
“Room equipment is out of order !!”

Since the contact point is unified, it is easy to understand and safe!

Trouble of management company

“Please be careful about how to put out the garbage”
“Be careful because it’s noisy in the middle of the night.”
“I’m back home and I can’t get in touch …”
“Please explain the renewal fee”

We can handle all inquiries from foreign residents, so
You will be able to rent a room without fear of trouble

Three-way call Non-face-to-face interpreter

Call from a foreign customer
Sending a three-way call from the person in charge to our contact center
Tripartite interpretation started
Secondary response from client to customer
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