Global recruitment

We will do our best to support your company to open up the future by utilizing human resources beyond borders. Please take advantage of our recruiting network.

We provide practical Japanese language education using our unique educational method. We are developing human resources who aim to work in Japan all over the world.

We consistently provide the services you need to recruit global human resources.

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Flow of employment

Cases of recruiting from overseas

Education for employment in Japan
Recruitment / matching service
Interview / offer
Visa and immigration procedures
Entry to the company

Cases of recruiting domestic human resources

Recruitment / matching service
Interview / offer
Entry to the company

3 Great benefits of our Global recruitment service

Professional in Asian countries

To date, more than 4,000 companies have used our Asian talent. We have been working with many clients in Asia. We also have dozens of international staff working for us, so we can provide total support for your foreign employees.

Interview in a minimum of
2 weeks

In as little as two weeks after receiving a job posting, we can have a list of multiple candidates ready for you. We have a strong network of contacts in the Asian region, so we can offer you the talent you want as quickly as possible. We can also make an offer on the same day of the interview, making the hiring process very short. Online interviews are also available.

More than 95% retention rate

Our staff will select the most suitable candidate according to your needs and interview the candidate in advance. By communicating in advance between our staff and the candidate, the mismatch and resignation rate after joining the company is very low. We are proud of our retention rate of over 95% in 2020.

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